Will Titleist make a TSi4 driver?

Is there a Titleist TSi4 driver?

For golfers looking to take advantage of advanced speed and distance with ultra-low spin performance, Titleist introduces the TSi4 driver. With a classic, compact shape and the lowest, most forward center of gravity out of any TSi driver, this golf club aggressively reduces spin to help maximize distance.

Will there be a TSi4?

Titleist has added to its impressive line-up for 2021 with two new drivers in the tour-preferred TSi4 model and the TSi1, designed for players with a moderate swing speed.

Do any pros use TSi4?

Adam Scott and Russell Henley are among the PGA Tour professionals who have put the TSi4 in their bags. But this driver is targeted at any golfer looking to reduce spin on tee shots, regardless of club speed. Among the most interesting technological features of this stick is the ATI 425 titanium employed in the face.

When did the Titleist TSi4 driver come out?

Full retail availability starts Feb. 26.

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