Will they be adding mounts to New World?

Is there a New World discord?

Amazon Games has revealed the official New World Discord is housed inside the Amazon Games discord server. Fans are starting to flood into the Amazon Games Discord, talking all things New World launch on September 28.

Will New World Add raids?

As it stands, there are no New World raids in the game. … There could be future New World raids, but Amazon Games have got more things on their plate other than announcing new content.

Why is New World lagging?

The applications running in the background could take up a high amount of bandwidth and cause lag issues in your game. So make sure you've closed the bandwidth-hogging applications while playing New World. To do so: On your keyboard, press Ctrl, Shift and Esc at the same time to open the Task Manager.

Can you talk in New World?

Out of the options, choose the Communications tab and open it. Look at the very first option in the list and you will see Voice Chat. Here, click on the box located on the right, and click on the Enabled option from the dropdown list. This will turn on the Voice Chat feature in New World.

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