Why is ScreenRec free?

Is it safe to use ScreenRec?

ScreenRec software is free to download and use. … ScreenRec's private sharing link is safe as it encrypts each of your screenshots and screen recordings. You'll enjoy a free private and secure cloud storage when you use the software.

Is ScreenRec really free?

ScreenRec is a free screen recorder with no watermark that lets you to capture your desktop in one click and share instantly.

Where is ScreenRec saved?

StreamingVideoProvider cloud
All screen recordings and screenshots made with Screenrec are stored in the StreamingVideoProvider cloud. There they are protected with the latest security measures, e.g. each file is encrypted and cannot be downloaded without the permission of its owner.

How do you use ScreenRec on a laptop?

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  1. Download and install ScreenRec.
  2. Press Alt + S and select your capture area (similar to a crop feature).
  3. Press the Video Camera button to start recording your screen.
  4. Record screen audio:
  5. Paste the private sharing link.


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