Why does my base keep leaking Subnautica?

How do you stop a base from leaking in Subnautica?

If your base has low hull integrity, it might flood. Flooding can be stopped by restoring hull integrity and repairing hull breaches. To restore hull integrity, place more reinforcements or remove weak components like windows. To repair hull breaches, use a Welder tool on the breach.

Where should I put my Subnautica base?

Subnautica Best Place to Build a Base: Best Locations

  1. Jellyshroom Cave.
  2. The Floating Island.
  3. The Cove Tree.
  4. Kelp Forest.
  5. Mushroom Forest.
  6. Grassy Plateau.
24 May 2021

Does hull integrity matter in Subnautica?

Positive changes to Hull Integrity do not vary by depth: a foundation will always give +2.0 Hull Integrity no matter how deep it is built. Anything between 0 and 100 meters does not affect the depth multiplier….Depth Multiplier Chart:

Depth Depth Multiplier
700m x1.6
800m x1.7
900m x1.8
1000m x1.9

What is a good hull integrity in Subnautica?


Can you build on land in Subnautica?

Building on land is just as straightforward as building underwater. All you need is the Habitat Builder tool and enough resources to begin building Foundations, Compartments, and Hatches. We cover some more of the basics about Subnautica in this need-to-know list. Open the crafting menu with the Habitat Builder.

How strong should my base be Subnautica?

Hull Integrity is a feature inherent to a Seabase. An arbitrary number of habitable modules directly connected to each other constitute one Seabase. A Seabase always has a base integrity of 10.

Can you make stairs in Subnautica?

There have been some positive changes in Below Zero that make the construction of a land base much easier, primarily the new Stairs module that allows you to walk up to hatches on different sides of your base. Play around with the new multipurpose room that features this handy above-ground feature.


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