Why did Shinji choke Asuka at the end?

Why did Shinji try to kill Asuka at the end?

The card translation says that Shinji started to strangle Asuka because he wanted to confirm that rejection and denial exist once more. By going back to a world where rejection and denial exist, Shinji has admitted that he feared them, and faced that fear.

What happened to Shinji and Asuka at the end?

Shinji ultimately has a change of heart, but not before the world is all but destroyed. In the final scene of the show, Asuka and Shinji are alone in the post-apocalyptic wasteland. For unknown reasons, Shinji strangles her, but stops when she strokes his cheek. Their relationship is left on an inconclusive note.

Does Asuka hate Shinji at the end?

Asuka:"The sight of you makes me so irritated!" Shinji:"It's because we are similar." … To put it in simpler terms: she hates Shinji because she hates herself. The moment she will succeed to accept herself for how she is, she will also finally manage to truly love and accept Shinji.

What did Asuka mean by disgusting?

She replied with “disgusting”, apparently meaning that she would think she was disgusting as much as her hypothetical abuser was. Anno replied “I thought as much”, apparently with a disappointed tone in his voice, but they used the way Miyamura said “kimochi warui” in that conversation as the direction for the line.

What happened at the end of EOE?

In the final scene, Shinji and Asuka have separated themselves from the collective human existence. Shinji begins strangling Asuka, but when she caresses his face, he stops and breaks down in tears.

How did Asuka lose her eye?

Asuka, if you recall at the end of End of Evangelion, had her eye stabbed through by Synchronisation magic.

Why does Shinji’s dad hate him?

She intended to bring about a brighter future for their son Shinji, whom Gendo has sacrificed in order to bring her back. In essence, Yui's dreams and principles were violated to resurrect her.

Does Asuka hate Rei?

Asuka also hates Rei, and also over jealousy, but not in a sexual or romantic rivalry. Asuka doesn't seem worried that Rei might be a rival for Shinji, but she is jealous that Rei is seen as a better pilot.

Why did Asuka eye bleed?

In the second episode of Evangelion, we can see that Shinji's Eva's right eye is injured by the Third Angel, but nothing happens to his right eye. But when it comes to Asuka's Eva getting her right eye injured by a Lance of Longinus in End of Evangelion, it also injures her right eye.

Why did Rei slap Shinji?

When she asks doesn't he have faith in his father, Shinji bitterly denounces him, getting his face slapped for his troubles. … Knowing that Rei isn't ready to fight, Gendo sends out Shinji in Eva-01.

Is Rei a clone of Yui?

In the final volume, Rei is revealed to be a clone of Yui Ikari, meant to take her place in the Tree of Yggdrasil, an artifact that keeps reality from collapsing. After befriending Shinji, she chooses not to go along with Gendo's plans, resulting in him angrily shooting her.

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