Why did Screencastify stop recording?

Why is Screencastify stopping my recording?

If your Screencastify consistently disappears, disables, or hides itself (even after you've unhidden and re-enabled it), then it's likely that your network administrator is blocking access to it. We recommend speaking with your IT department to determine if this is the case and if so, ask them to allow access.

What happened to my Screencastify recordings?

Your videos were moved from the "Screencastify" folder in your Google Drive. If you connect your account to Google Drive, all of your recordings will be saved in a folder called "Screencastify". If you move a video file out of that folder, it will no longer be visible in My Recordings in Screencastify.

How do I restore Screencastify recordings?

I accidentally deleted a recording

  1. Go to your Google Drive.
  2. Click on Trash.
  3. Right click on a file and click Restore.

Why is Screencastify not saving my videos?

The above error message usually means that your Screencastify account and Google Drive account need to be resynced. If this occurs, would you please try signing out and then back into the extension?

Where do my Screencastify videos go?

After connecting Screencastify to your Google Drive (highly recommended), every recording you make will automatically be saved to your Google Drive in a folder called "Screencastify" once you open the Video Management Page.

Where did my Screencast-O-Matic video go?

Your videos can also be found in the Screencast-O-Matic album in your Camera Roll. You can access this in the Photos App. and the Camera Gallery on Android.

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