Why did Gloria leave basketball wives?

Why is Gloria not in basketball wives?

Sources connected to the show tell TMZ the producers are getting rid of Gloria, Laura Govan, Malaysia Pargo and Brooke Bailey because the wives, especially Gloria, weren't allowing "all of their reality to be filmed."

Why did Gloria and Matt break up?

Gloria Govan and Matt Barnes' break-up may have come as a surprise to the viewers of “Basketball Wives,” but according to Matt, the split was a long time coming. Though Gloria has implied that the reason the two broke up is because of his relationship with Eva Longoria, Matt is calling her bluff.

Did Laura from basketball wives sleep with Shaquille O Neal?

Never slept with Shaquille O'Neal, have you seen his feet?”: Laura Govan. Shaunie had alleged that Shaq had cheated on her with Laura Govan, also a participant on the show in 2011. … Laura vehemently denied those allegations.

Did Gloria Govan sleep with Shaq?

Did Gloria Govan sleep with Shaq? All signs point to yes. Gloria spent two seasons defending her sister, who has four children with NBA player Gilbert Arenas (they have since split in a very tumultuous, very “they-still-fight-each-other-on-Instagram” kind of way), against the allegations that she slept with Shaq.

Is of getting fired from Basketball Wives?

What happened to OG? On the Season 8 reunion of Basketball Wives, OG had to be removed. She said the cast called her "angry" and "aggressive." But she's still on good terms with some cast members like Jennifer and Jackie. Now, we're into Season 9 of Basketball Wives, but drama from the previous season has spilled over.

Did Gloria Govan start Basketball Wives?

I wasn't saying I was the creator of Basketball Wives, the franchise, period. I'm just saying that If I had not moved to LA there would not have been the spinoff.

Who is Matt Barnes ex-wife dating now?

The retired NBA champion met Govan when she was 12, and began dating the former “Basketball Wives LA” star in 2006, when he played for the Warriors. They married in 2012. Barnes is currently dating Anansa Sims, the mother of his 2-year-old son Ashton Joseph Barnes.

Is Gloria Govan married?

Matt Barnesm. 2013–2016
Gloria Govan/Spouse

Who is shaqs wife?

Shaunie O’Nealm. 2002–2011
Shaquille O’Neal/Wife

Did CeCe and Byron get married?

Kristen Scott and CeCe Gutierrez are currently not on speaking terms. Gutirrez and Byron married in 2020. Unfortunately, neither Thomas nor Kristen attended the ceremony.

Did OG have a baby?

The Teen Mom OG star and her husband have welcomed the newest member of their family, a baby girl. The couple shared the exciting news on their social media on Saturday. The mom-of-four posted a black-and-white photo of their little bundle of joy wrapped up in a blanket in the hospital bassinet.

Where is Suzie Ketcham now?

Suzie Ketcham She now lives in Miami with her children but is out of the media spotlight now.

Is Derek Fisher with Matt Barnes wife?

“Fast forward, we buried the hatchet, we spoke, because they're still together,” Barnes said about Fisher and Govan, whose wedding was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. “To me, it's about raising these twins the best we possibly can, and co-parenting. So now he and I are cool. We're on the same page.

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