Why can’t I use Screencastify?

What to do if Screencastify is not working?

Screencastify Not Working? Try This

  1. Enable the Right Microphone. The case may well be that you've enabled the wrong microphone.
  2. Can Chrome Detect Your Microphone?
  3. Check Your Computer's Sound Settings.
  4. Reinstall Screencastify.
  5. Low Disk Space.
  6. Failed to Start Recording.
  7. Can't Sign In.


Why is my Screencastify link not working?

Try a different internet connection 🔆 (If its a connection issue)Try using Screencastify with a different internet connection like a different WiFi connection or even your phone's hotspot. This will help determine whether your network is blocking access to the extension.

How do I set up Screencastify?

0:259:43How to set up and use Screencastify – Record your Screen in Google …YouTube

How do I add and use Screencastify?

0:012:591.1 Installing Screencastify – YouTubeYouTube

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