Who is highest level New World?

How long does it take to max level New World?

However, what we've seen so far during New World's first few days of retail availability and the earlier beta periods tends to suggest that it's going to take you about 100 to 200 hours to reach level 60 depending on how you choose to play.

What is the fastest way to level up in the New World?

Fastest New World leveling methods

  1. Complete Town Missions as often as possible.
  2. Rest in a settlement to gain the Well Rested XP bonus.
  3. Use the most efficient means of travel from place to place.
  4. Complete the main quests as soon as possible.
  5. Increase your standing in various territories.
  6. Pick up every document you find.

How long does it take to beat New World?


Single-Player Polled Average
Main Story 1 40h
Main + Extras 2 132h 22m
All PlayStyles 3 101h 35m

Can you go AFK in New World?

The New World AFK timer is 20 minutes and you should get a notification in the top-right of the screen five minutes before you're booted from the game. … That said, it is ten minutes shorter than Final Fantasy 14's slightly more generous 30-minute timer. Just make sure you find a quiet spot to leave your character idle.

What is the max weapon mastery in New World?

Only 19 total points can be obtained for each weapon, but there is no limit to how many different weapons you can master. After weapon level 10, spent Weapon Mastery points can be reset (all points refunded and can be spent again) using Azoth.

How many skills are in the New World?

There are 17 in total, divided into three categories. The five Gathering Skills represent the various ways that players can harvest raw materials from the natural world. Next, the five Refining Skills let players convert those raw materials into usable resources.

Will New World get expansions?

The New World leaked map shows that the game's world of Aeternum has a lot of potential expansions to come, and is actually clearly based on a map of Australia. Any New World DLC expansions look like they will take place in the north and west of the current map.

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