Who is Athena PUBG?

Is Athena a gyro player?

Athena Gaming's controls setup and sensitivity settings in PUBG Mobile. He is a four-finger claw player and mostly plays the game on his Apple iPad Pro 10.5. He uses gyro settings to a minimum extent. Athena is very famous for his quick sniping skills and sharp mindset in 1v4 clutch situations.

Who is better Athena or Levinho?

ALSO READArticle Continues below. Levinho vs Sevou: Who is the better PUBG Mobile player? If we leave this fact aside and compare the stats, Athena Gaming is ahead in all the factors, i.e., win rate, K/D ratio, and average damage per game.

Which country is Athena from?

Athena PUBG ID, Age, Real Name, Country, Pubg ID, Face, Contact and More

Short Biography
Date of Birth 29 August
Place of Birth South Korea
Country South Korea
Nationality Republic of Korea

Which device does Athena use?

Athena uses his iPad Pro 10.5 to play most of his matches.

Who is the best Pakistani PUBG player?

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  • Mr.
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  • Doctor Pikachu:

Is Athena the best PUBG player?

Athena Gaming usually plays Solo matches and is seen playing Duo matches on rare occasions. He is the best PUBG Mobile player from Korea and is also among the best PUBG players in the world. According to PUBG mobile followers around the world, he is one of the top 10 PUBG mobile players around the world.

Who is Athena in love with?

In Greek mythology, the goddess Athena is immune to romantic love, so there is no particular lover for her. The goddess of love, Aphrodite, has power…

Is Athena alive?

Only Ares and Zeus come as close in terms of role in Kratos's story. With her death, both the original God and Goddess of War died. Athena's weapon of choice were 2 swords, though in Greek Mythology, she used a spear and shield. The result of Athena's death was the loss of wisdom for all people.

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