Which is preferred synchronized method or synchronized block?

Which is better to use synchronized method or synchronized block?

synchronized block has better performance as only the critical section is locked but synchronized method has poor performance than block. synchronized block provide granular control over lock but synchronized method lock either on current object represented by this or class level lock.

When should a method be synchronized?

Method Synchronization Synchronized methods enables a simple strategy for preventing the thread interference and memory consistency errors. If a Object is visible to more than one threads, all reads or writes to that Object's fields are done through the synchronized method.

What is synchronized block?

Synchronized block is used to lock an object for any shared resource. Scope of synchronized block is smaller than the method. … Java synchronized block is more efficient than Java synchronized method.

What is the use of synchronized method in Java?

Java Synchronized Method Synchronized method is used to lock an object for any shared resource. When a thread invokes a synchronized method, it automatically acquires the lock for that object and releases it when the thread completes its task.

What is the use of synchronized this in Java?

To avoid such issues, Java provides us with the synchronized keyword, which acts like a lock to a particular resource. This helps achieve communication between threads such that only one thread accesses the synchronized resource and other threads wait for the resource to become free.

What is a synchronized block?

A synchronized block in Java is synchronized on some object. All synchronized blocks synchronized on the same object can only have one thread executing inside them at the same time. All other threads attempting to enter the synchronized block are blocked until the thread inside the synchronized block exits the block.

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