Where is the dark keeper key in Blackrock Depths?

Where is the vault in BRD?

Shadowforge City
The Black Vault is a Dark Iron bank located inside Blackrock Depths within Shadowforge City. It is accessed through a door situated between the Domicile and the Hall of Crafting. It is initially guarded by Warder Stilgiss and the darkhound Verek.

Where is Blackrock Depths in Searing Gorge?

Blackrock Depths (BRD) is located within Blackrock Mountain, between Searing Gorge and Burning Steppes. The closest flight path is Thorium Point (Alliance) or Kargath (Horde).

How do you unlock Shadowforge Blackrock Depths?

The Shadowforge Lock, making sure no one enters the city. The Shadowforge Lock can be found in the East Garrison of Blackrock Depths. It requires the [Shadowforge Key] to release the lock.

How do I get into Blackrock Depths?

1:3726:31Classic WoW Dungeon Guide: Blackrock Depths (52-57) – YouTubeYouTube

How do I get to the West Garrison in Blackrock Depths?

The West Garrison is located inside Blackrock Depths, and is accessible from the East Garrison and the Ring of the Law (after defeating the ring challenge). Note that the West Garrison and all areas beyond are locked by a mechanism located in the East Garrison, which requires the Shadowforge Key to operate.

What does the Shadowforge lock do?

It is a locking mechanism for a large overhead wheel that is apparently connected, via a chain, to one of two huge doors across the Dark Iron Highway at the entrance to Shadowforge City. Clicking on the lock causes it to lower, allowing the wheel to spin and the door to close.

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