Where do I mine black Trillium ore?

Where can I mine Trillium?

This object can be found in Dread Wastes (587), Kun-Lai Summit (503), Townlong Steppes (521), Vale of Eternal Blossoms (267), The Jade Forest (88), Valley of the Four Winds (65), Timeless Isle (38), and Shado-Pan Monastery (3).

How do you make Trillium bars?

The two ways to get trillium bars are from transmutations or smelting. You can get 1 trillium in exchange for 10 Ghost iron bars or 2 White and 2 Black Trillium Bars. These mats can be bought with spirits of harmony.

Where can I farm motes of harmony?

vale of the four winds
A really good place to farm motes of harmony is just east of the pools of purity in vale of the four winds. The turtles there ~87 have very little health and are easily killed in massive pulls by a 90. They re-spawn extremely fast, and you can also skin them if you've got skinning.

Can you buy spirit of harmony?

Spirit of Harmony can now be purchased for 600 Conquest Points at the Conquest Quartermaster Ethan Natice Doris Chiltonius.

What are motes of harmony used for?

[Spirit of Harmony], which is a crafting ingredient that is also used as a currency to buy advanced level 90 PvP patterns. As an ingredient, it will automatically will go in any enchanting bag, herb bag, inscription bag, or leatherworking bag that may be equipped.

Where do I get pandaria mining?

Go to Pandaria and find Rockseeker Guo (Alliance) at Paw'don Village, or Stonebreaker Ruian (Horde) at Honeydew Village in The Jade Forest, then learn Pandaria mining.

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