Where can I farm FEL ore?

Where is the best place to farm Fel Iron?

Hellfire Peninsula
Hellfire Peninsula is the best area to farm Fel Iron Ore because there are no Adamantite Deposits here. The respawn rate of the deposits should be enough that it is not necessary to permanently fly (or ride, as the case may be) over the entire area. Of course, you can choose which path to follow.

How do you get fel iron ore?

Source. Fel Iron Deposit Fel Iron Deposits are found throughout Outland. Fel Iron Deposits are by far most commonly found in Hellfire Peninsula. They are also fairly commonly found in Zangarmarsh, Terokkar Forest, and Nagrand.

Is Fel Iron worth prospecting?

Prospecting adamantite can yield the same gems as fel iron, except you have close to a 20% chance to get a blue gem. … It is worth it to buy the ore, prospect it, and turn a profit that way.

Where do I learn Smelt Fel Iron?

Source. This item is smelted at a forge by Miners with a skill level of 300. This skill is taught by mining trainers in the Outland.

Where can I mine iron classics?

Level Ranges and Terrain to Farm Iron Ore Iron Ore mostly prefers the 30-40 zones, but there is one exception to this: Thousand Needles, which is considered a 25-35 zone. Iron is plentiful all over Thousand Needles, and not just in the higher-level areas of the wyverns and racetrack.

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