What should you do when you hit 60 New World?

What is the highest level in New World?

Do that enough times and you'll eventually hit the game's level cap. New World's max level is 60, and current estimates from the Beta build suggest this will take between 100 and 200 hours of gameplay to reach, depending on whether you're looking to min-max your playstyle or not.

Is New World grinding?

Many of the quests needed to level a character and reach the dungeons and other endgame content are something of a grind, requiring players to venture further and further from their starting settlement to complete various, often repetitive fetch quests for NPCs and their factions.

Can you max out all weapons in New World?

As there are no classes in New World and any character can equip any weapon, it is possible to master all weapon types. However, Weapon Masteries have a cap of level 20 while each Mastery's tree has 19 abilities that can be unlocked for a total of 38 abilities per weapon type.

How long is New World main story?


Single-Player Polled Average
Main Story 1 40h
Main + Extras 3 206h 55m
All PlayStyles 4 165h 11m
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