What is the greatest shot in pool history?

What is the most famous shot in pool history?

A year before that match, in Reno, Nevada, Reyes beat Strickland in a nine-ball game with what has become known as "the Shot." "It was the greatest shot ever made in pool," Archer told me. "Efren's cue ball was behind the nine, so he couldn't hit the object ball, the five. It was a no-escape shot.

Who is considered the greatest pool player of all time?

By defeating American player Earl Strickland in the inaugural Color of Money event in 1997, Reyes took home the largest single match purse in pool history of $100,000. Many analysts, fans, and players consider Reyes to be the greatest pool player of all time.

Is Efren Reyes the greatest?

Over the past four decades, Filipino pool legend Efren Reyes has held 80-plus world titles, winning championships in both 8-ball and 9-ball, an unprecedented feat. In short, he's the greatest pool player ever.

Who defeated Efren Reyes?

Dinh Nai Ngo
But that turned out to be Reyes' final act as he took a 100-14 beating at the hands of Vietnamese ace nearly half his age in the 38-year-old Dinh Nai Ngo to settle for another SEA Games bronze. Ngo, a world champion in carom, hardly gave Reyes any chance in their match.

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