What is the disadvantage of synchronization?

What are the advantages of Synchronisation?

Synchronization improves response times for data requests for two reasons. Retrieval rates are faster because requests are processed on a local server, without accessing a wide area network. Also, local processing offloads work from a central database server so that competition for processor time is decreased.

What is the primary drawback to using synchronization?

First drawback is that threads that are blocked waiting to execute synchronize code can't be interrupted. Once they're blocked their stuck there, until they get the lock for the object the code is synchronizing on.

What are the disadvantages of synchronous learning?

Main disadvantages of synchronous learning:

  • Both the student and the instructor have to adhere to time schedules.
  • Much of the training depends on the quality of the instructor.
  • Students may not receive individual attention if other students are also in need.
  • The learning pace is set by the instructor, not the students.

Nov 26, 2014

What are the advantages and disadvantages of synchronous communication?

  • Advantage: · The character is self contained & Transmitter and receiver need not be synchronized. · Transmitting and receiving clocks are independent of each other.
  • Disadvantage: · Overhead of start and stop bits.
  • Application: · If channel is reliable, then suitable for high speed else low speed transmission.

Is synchronized this safe?

Because If a method becomes synchronized, so this is becomes safe to allow multiple threads to act on it, without any problem. Remember:: multiple threads "not act on it at the same time" hence we call synchronized methods thread safe. Hope this helps to understand.

What is the primary drawback to using synchronized methods Mcq?

Multithreaded Java Programming – Quiz Explanation

What is the primary drawback to using synchronized methods? Please select the best answer.
B. They compile into larger executable bytecode than unsynchronized methods.
C. They are less efficient than unsynchronized methods.

Why are locks better than synchronized?

Lock framework works like synchronized blocks except locks can be more sophisticated than Java's synchronized blocks. Locks allow more flexible structuring of synchronized code. … When there are 100 synchronized methods in a class, only one thread can be executed of these 100 methods at any given point in time.

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