What is the difference in Pig and SQL?

What is an advantage of pig over SQL?

Apache Pig is a procedural language, not declarative, unlike SQL. Hence, we can easily follow the commands. Also, offers better expressiveness in the transformation of data in every step. Moreover, while we compare it to vanilla MapReduce, it is much more like the English language.

What is the difference between pig and SQL explain the architecture of Hadoop Pig?

Pig is used for the analysis of a large amount of data. It is abstract over MapReduce. Pig is used to perform all kinds of data manipulation operations in Hadoop….Difference between Pig and Hive :

S.No. Pig Hive
4. It was developed by Yahoo. It was developed by Facebook.
5. It is used by Researchers and Programmers. It is mainly used by Data Analysts.


Is Pig a query language?

Pig Latin is procedural and fits very naturally in the pipeline paradigm while SQL is instead declarative. … In effect, Pig Latin programming is similar to specifying a query execution plan, making it easier for programmers to explicitly control the flow of their data processing task.

What are the limitations of the Pig?

Limitations of the Apache Pig are:

  • As the Pig platform is designed for ETL-type use cases, it's not a better choice for real-time scenarios.
  • Apache Pig is not a good choice for pinpointing a single record in huge data sets.
  • Apache Pig is built on top of MapReduce, which is batch processing oriented.


What are the drawbacks of Pig?

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Which data types are supported by Pig?

Pig has three complex data types: maps, tuples, and bags. All of these types can contain data of any type, including other complex types. So it is possible to have a map where the value field is a bag, which contains a tuple where one of the fields is a map.

What is pig explain Pig on Hadoop?

Pig is an open-source high level data flow system. It provides a simple language called Pig Latin, for queries and data manipulation, which are then compiled in to MapReduce jobs that run on Hadoop. … Pig is also used in some form of ad-hoc processing and analysis of all the information.

What is Pig query?

Pig is a high-level platform or tool which is used to process the large datasets. It provides a high-level of abstraction for processing over the MapReduce. It provides a high-level scripting language, known as Pig Latin which is used to develop the data analysis codes. … The result of Pig always stored in the HDFS.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Pig and Hive SQL?

Differences Between Pig and Hive

Pig Hive
Operates on the client-side of a cluster. Operates on the server-side of a cluster.
Procedural Data Flow Language. Declarative SQLish Language.
Pig is used for programming. Hive is used for creating reports.
Majorly used by Researchers and Programmers. Used by Data Analysts.


Why Pig is a good choice in big data?

So what exactly Pig solves different than relational database is its applicability to “big data” where it can crunch large files with ease and it does not need a structured data. Contrarily, Pig could be used for ETL(Extraction Transformation Load) tasks naturally as it can handle unstructured data.

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