What is Max Tolud?

What is Max Tolud in BIOS?

Max TOLUD (Top of Low Usable DRAM)This feature sets the maximum TOLUD value, which specifies the "Topof Low Usable DRAM" memory space to be used by internal graphics devices、 PCIE devices…

What is TOLUD in bios?

The address area reserved for this purpose can be modified in the BIOS via the variable "TOLUD" (Top Of Low Usable DRAM). The factory setting of this variable's value is 3GB. This results in a reserved PCI address area of 1GB.

What is Tolud?

TOLUD stands for Top of Low Usable DRAM (Dynamic Random Access Memory)

What is memory scrambler?

"The memory scrambler scrambles the contents of memory in the DIMMs so that they cannot be removed and read."

Should I increase aperture size?

It is recommended that you keep the Graphics Aperture Size around 64 MB to 128 MB in size, even if your graphics card has a lot of onboard memory. This allows flexibility in the event that you actually need extra memory for texture storage.

What is memory remap feature?

Memory remapping gives Windows access to more memory. You can enable the memory remapping feature in the BIOS by booting to the system setup. … The name for the memory remapping feature may be different for different hardware vendors. This can be listed as memory remapping, memory extension, or something similar.

What is GTT size in BIOS?

GTT memory is system memory that can be accessed by the GPU. On AGP cards it's handled by the northbridge and the size is set by the AGP aperture size in the bios.

Should I increase DVMT?

The key idea in DVMT is to improve the efficiency of the memory allocated to either system or graphics processor. … But the actual allocation of graphics memory would depend on the amount of pre-allocated graphics memory. Generally, it is recommended that you let the graphics driver allocate memory in DVMT mode.

What should my DVMT pre-allocated be?

'DVMT Pre-Allocated', to pre-allocate Dynamic video memory of maximum 1GB is the setting. This will set a minimum limit the OS will put aside as dedicated vram. It's not often an application or game requires 1GB vram to start but this will help launch any that do.

What is AGP aperture?

AGP aperture size defines how much system memory (not memory on your video card) the AGP controller uses for texture maps. While it may be possible to increase the overall video performance by increasing the AGP aperture size value, we recommend leaving it at the default size.

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