What is Kinit and Keytab?

What is Kinit used for?

kinit is used to obtain and cache Kerberos ticket-granting tickets. This tool is similar in functionality to the kinit tool that are commonly found in other Kerberos implementations, such as SEAM and MIT Reference implementations.

What is a Keytab file used for?

The purpose of the Keytab file is to allow the user to access distinct Kerberos Services without being prompted for a password at each Service. Furthermore, it allows scripts and daemons to login to Kerberos Services without the need to store clear-text passwords or for human intervention.

What is Kinit Linux?

The kinit command is used to obtain and cache an initial ticket-granting ticket (credential) for principal. This ticket is used for authentication by the Kerberos system. Notice that only users with Kerberos principals can use the Kerberos system. … Any existing contents of the cache are destroyed by kinit.

What is principal and Keytab in Kerberos?

A keytab (Key Table), is a file storing pairs of Kerberos principals and their keys. When users generally start the authentication process using kinit, they are prompted for their password – which triggers the KDC to provide it the TGT, and then initiate the follw-up requests for service tickets.

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