What is bit synchronization & frame synchronization?

What is a bit frame?

The bit frame is the structure on which all of the logic elements are mounted. There is one bit frame for each control stage (connected horizontally) and one for each bit (connected vertically), so the number of bit frames is the product of the number of bits and the number of control segments.

What is bit stuffing and Destuffing?

Bit stuffing is the mechanism of inserting one or more non-information bits into a message to be transmitted, to break up the message sequence, for synchronization purpose.

What is a frame in computer?

A frame is a digital data transmission unit in computer networking and telecommunication. In packet switched systems, a frame is a simple container for a single network packet. In other telecommunications systems, a frame is a repeating structure supporting time-division multiplexing.

What is bit stuffing used for?

Bit stuffing is the process of inserting noninformation bits into data to break up bit patterns to affect the synchronous transmission of information. It is widely used in network and communication protocols, in which bit stuffing is a required part of the transmission process.

What is DLE STX and DLE ETX?

In the second method, each frame starts with the ASCII character sequence DLE STX and ends with the sequence DLE ETX. (where DLE is Data Link Escape, STX is Start of TeXt and ETX is End of TeXt.) … The sender's data link layer inserts an ASCII DLE character just before the DLE character in the data.

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