What is a Strobel?

How do you attach soles to moccasins?

2:2810:36Simple Rubber Sole for Moccasins – YouTubeYouTube

What does Phylon midsole mean?

Phylon is made of EVA foam pellets that are compressed, heat expanded and then cooled in a mold. Compression-molded Phylon Midsoles can be sculpted into a variety of designs that are identified by their fine wrinkles. PU or Polyurethane. PU is the most dense, durable and stable midsole material.

How long should moccasins last?

Superb Quality. The fact that our moccasins can last someone up to 20 years, shows the quality level of our products. When a product is hand-cut and sewn there is great attention to detail. It is more of an art that has the utmost respect for traditional crafting techniques rather than a mindless task done by a machine …

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