What is a physical Pentester?

What is physical Pentesting?

Physical penetration testing simulates a real-world threat scenario where a malicious actor attempts to compromise a business's physical barriers to gain access to infrastructure, buildings, systems, and employees.

What is the meaning of Pentester?

penetration test
Noun. pentester (plural pentesters) (computing) Someone who performs a pentest (a penetration test) quotations ▼

What is the job of a Pentester?

As a penetration tester, you will perform authorised tests on computer systems in order to expose weaknesses in their security that could be exploited by criminals. You can choose to specialise in manipulating a particular type of system, such as: networks and infrastructures. Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems.

How much does a Pentester make?

As of May 2021, PayScale reports that the median annual penetration tester salary is around $86,000. A host of factors impact the salary, including education, experience, job type and job location. For example, penetration testers with 10 to 20 years of experience in the field can earn more than $120,000 yearly.

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