What happens if you destroy an ender chest with stuff in it?

What happens if you break an ender chest with stuff in it?

When an ender chest is broken, its items do not drop like they do with normal wooden chests. Instead, you can retrieve them at another ender chest in your world or by simply creating a new ender chest.

Can you lose stuff in an ender chest?

An ender chest can be used to store valuable items or items that you don't currently need. Each item stored in an ender chest is removed from your inventory. … TIP: If you die in the game, you will not lose items stored in your ender chest.

Can you look into other peoples Ender chests?

Ender chests can be used like normal chests, except all ender chests in the world are interconnected, including in different dimensions. The ender chest's inventory is also separate for each player; consequently, items stored in an ender chest cannot be seen or taken by other players.

Can villagers take stuff from your chest?

No. Villagers don't take items from any containers – even ones that are their workstations. The only exception is farmer composting plants in his composter and taking the bonemeal it produces. But chests, barrels, smokers, blast furnaces etc are safe.

Can you make a bigger Ender chest?

It should be possible to make a Large Ender Chest by putting another Ender Chest next to a Small Ender Chest. The Large Ender Chest would be treated as an entirely different chest, but otherwise work exactly the same as the current Small Ender Chest. That way, you could have two Ender Chests, one Large and one Small.

What do trapped chests do?

A Trapped Chest is a Redstone-related block that will emit a weak Redstone signal when a player opens it. As more players peer into the chest, the Redstone signal will gradually increase. Trapped chests can primarily be used to create traps, but can also create a few nifty Redstone creations.

Can a silk touch iron pickaxe mine an ender chest?

Breaking. Ender chests require a pickaxe to be mined. Otherwise, they drop nothing. Unless the pickaxe is enchanted with Silk Touch, the ender chest drops only 8 obsidian with no Eyes of Ender.

Why is a villager following me?

If you have high reputation with a Village (say +25 out of a total +30), they will follow you for 15-30 seconds. If they see a mob that will try and hurt them, the effect ends immediately.

How do you make a chest that only you can open?

0:553:27Easy: How to Lock your Chests in Minecraft – YouTubeYouTube

How do you make a big chest in Minecraft?

A Large Chest can be made when two small chests are combined. In order to make a Large Chest, you must first make two Small Chests, then place the two chests next to each other. By doing so, you will be able to create a Large Chest which has double the storage space as a Small Chest.

Is the Ender Dragon a girl?

Notch has confirmed that the ender dragon is a female and even nicknamed her "Jean". Once the ender dragon is defeated in Minecraft, her egg spawns on top of the end portal, and only female creatures can lay eggs and give birth (with some exceptions).

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