What does enabling above 4G decoding do?

Where is above 4G decoding in BIOS?

The POST error mechanism is intended to tell the user to boot to BIOS setup and enable the “Above 4G Decoding” for a 64-bit OS, or remove some PCIe/PCI cards from system. To enable “Above 4G Decoding”, Press F1 during POST and go to Advanced->PCI Subsystem Setting->Above 4G Decoding item.

What is above 4G decoding?

The definition of “Above 4G decoding” is to allow the user to enable or disable memory-mapped I/O for a 64-bit PCIe device to 4GB or greater address space.

What does ErP ready do?

What does ErP Mean? ErP mode is another name for a state of BIOS power management features that instructs the motherboard to turn off power to all system components, including USB and Ethernet ports meaning your connected devices will not charge while in a low power state.

What are the functions of BIOS?

BIOS (basic input/output system) is the program a computer's microprocessor uses to start the computer system after it is powered on. It also manages data flow between the computer's operating system (OS) and attached devices, such as the hard disk, video adapter, keyboard, mouse and printer.

Should I enable resize bar?

Resizable BAR is just like that: instead of accessing 256MB chunks of VRAM, it allows your CPU to access the GPU's entire framebuffer, so it can send more assets at a time. This, in turn, boosts performance because your graphics card doesn't have to wait around as long—at least, in theory.

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