What do all Accenture’s cyber fusion centers do?

How does a red team versus blue team?

What's the difference between Red Team vs Blue Team? Red Teams are offensive security focused. They simulate how a possible attacker would attack cybersecurity defenses. Blue Teams are defense focused.

What is Accenture’s approach when it comes to helping?

Answer: Once actual project work starts, the CDP approach is implemented across all active contracts, helping Accenture client teams work with clients to drive a security governance and operational environment that addresses the unique security risks of each client engagement.

What do all Accenture’s Cyber Fusion Center offer clients to help them?

Answer: They deliver immersive experiences in an environment that concentrates the best thinking applied to their security problems.

What do all Accenture’s cyber fusion centers CFC offer clients?

The new Cyber Fusion Center gives access to end-to-end security services, from threat intelligence and digital identity to incident detection and response and digital forensics in order to respond quickly to digital threats.

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