What do all Accenture Cyber fusion centers?

What do all Accenture cyber fusion centers offer clients to help them?

Answer: They deliver immersive experiences in an environment that concentrates the best thinking applied to their security problems.

Who works at fusion centers?

Fusion centers are staffed by local law enforcement and other local government employees as well as Department of Homeland Security personnel. DHS "has deployed over 90 personnel, including Intelligence Officers and Regional Directors, to the field." Staffing agreements vary from place to place.

How Accenture improves information security?

The following 10 tips will help you increase the security around your data.

  1. Protect the data itself, not just the perimeter.
  2. Pay attention to insider threats.
  3. Encrypt all devices.
  4. Testing your security.
  5. Delete redundant data.
  6. Spending more money and time on Cyber-security.
  7. Establish strong passwords.

What purpose do fusion centers serve?

Fusion centers conduct analysis and facilitate information sharing, assisting law enforcement and homeland security partners in preventing, protecting against, and responding to crime and terrorism.

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