What crypto is on Bitbuy?

Is Dogecoin on Bitbuy?

Unfortunately, Bitbuy has no plans to launch Dogecoin at this time but you can easily get your hands on some DOGE by sending BTC from your Bitbuy account to an exchange that offers a BTC/DOGE pair such as Binance.

What is the lowest fee crypto Exchange in Canada?

CoinSmart has the lowest fees of all the crypto exchanges in Canada. Its trading fees are just 0.2%, and it doesn't charge any fees on fiat deposits, either. Bitbuy and NDAX also have low trading fees, but if you're looking for the absolute lowest, CoinSmart is the way to go.

What is the best way to buy XRP in Canada?

Best Crypto Exchanges To Buy XRP in Canada

  1. CoinSmart.
  2. NDAX.
  3. Binance.
  4. Netcoins.
  5. Bitbuy.
  6. Crypto.com.
  7. Newton.
  8. Coinsquare.
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