What color is Steve’s eyes?

How tall is Steve in Minecraft?

around six-feet tall
Stats-wise, Steve is around six-feet tall, has the strength of a superhuman and the speed of an athlete.

What is Steve’s skin color?

Appearance. In all versions of Minecraft, Steve appears to have brown skin. And has brown-dark brown hair.

How tall is a Enderman?


Health points 40 × 20
Behavior Neutral
Attack strength Easy: 4.5 × 2.25 Normal: 7 Hard: 10.5 × 5.25
Hitbox size Normal: Height: 2.9 Blocks Width: 0.6 Blocks Angry: Height: 3.25 Blocks Width: 0.6 Blocks

Are Steve’s pants purple?

Steve's pants are a darker, normal blue color. Steve's shirts goes a little down on top of his pants, layering it, covering a small part of it.

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