What are Quadro video cards good for?

What is the purpose of a Quadro GPU?

Quadro was Nvidia's brand for graphics cards intended for use in workstations running professional computer-aided design (CAD), computer-generated imagery (CGI), digital content creation (DCC) applications, scientific calculations and machine learning.

Can a Quadro card be used for gaming?

Unlike the GeForce cards, Quadro cards are intended for workstations and not for gaming PCs. … The reason why Quadro cards are distinct from the GeForce cards is that they focus on precision rather than speed.

Why would you buy a Quadro?

Durability/Warranty – Similar to Xeon processors, Quadro cards are generally designed for maximum durability and longevity and stand up to the rigors of daily strenuous use better than the consumer oriented Geforce. As a result, Quadro cards offer a longer, more robust warranty on average.

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