What are chunk loaders good for?

Do chunk loaders work with farms?

1 Answer. Yes, your farms above ground will also be loaded. A chunk is 256 blocks tall, so even if you are standing at y=12, areas at higher y-levels (but at the same x and z coordinates) will also be loaded.

Do chunk loaders work on furnaces?

Yes. But not much if you have only few hoppers. It has been proven that placing a furnace on top of a hopper will reduce lag. Other blocks with inventory (droppers, dispensers etc.) will also work, but furnaces are the cheapest.

Do chunk loaders make crops grow?

If they plants are in the loaded Chunk, they will grow. If they are not in a loaded Chunk, they won't grow.

How do you use a chunk loader?

3:056:00How to build a chunk loader for minecraft 1.17 – YouTubeYouTube

How do you make chunk loader extra utilities?

2:204:09Extra Utilities 2: Chunk Loading Ward & Contract! Bit-by-Bit! Minecraft 1.10YouTube

Does Forceload cause lag?

If you load a dozen chunks or so ( /forceload 'ing 2 chunks will load 12…) it's not such a huge problem. Obviously what impact it has heavily depends on what happens in these chunks. Minecarts with hoppers create a lot of lag (even when immobile, e.g. stuck into the ground of your farms over standard hoppers).

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