Should I call an exterminator for silverfish?

What do exterminators do for silverfish?

Silverfish exterminators locate silverfish nests in and around buildings. They then spray the nests with pesticides. In some cases, diatomaceous earth is also used to discourage silverfish reproduction and spread.

How do professionals get rid of silverfish?

6 ways to get rid of silverfish

  1. Put a starchy food or substance in a glass container and wrap the outside with tape.
  2. Roll up newspaper.
  3. Put out sticky traps.
  4. Put out small bits of silverfish poison.
  5. Use cedar or cedar oil.
  6. Spread dried bay leaves throughout your home.

Sep 11, 2019

How long does it take to get rid of silverfish?

Following these tips diligently should rid your home of silverfish within two weeks.

How do you know if you have a silverfish infestation?

Sign of a Silverfish Infestation Keep an eye out for feeding marks, although they may be irregular whether they are holes, notches along an edge, or surface etchings. Yellow stains, scales and/or feces (tiny black pepper-like pellets) may also be seen on infested materials.

What to do if you see a silverfish?

Sprinkling some food grade diatomaceous earth around baseboards or other areas where you've spotted the silverfish. Put it in all areas where they like to hide, including cracks and small holes. It's safe for your other pets, Try sticky traps (like these).

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