Is there a free version of Screencastify?

What is another app like Screencastify?

Other interesting free alternatives to Screencastify are ShareX (Free, Open Source), Bandicam Screen Recorder (Freemium), VokoscreenNG (Free, Open Source) and Kazam (Free, Open Source).

Can I use Screencastify on my IPAD?

You can use Screencastify Submit on newer versions of Chrome (version 72 and up) on all laptop and desktop computers (including Chromebooks). Webcam assignments can also be accessed on iPhones, iPads (iOS 12 and up), and Android devices.

What do you get with the free version of Screencastify?

The free version of Screencastify Edit allows you to export videos up to 5 minutes in length. You guessed it – that's the only limitation. Use all of the features you want with reckless abandon and you can even export videos from anywhere (not just videos created in Screencastify Record).

How do I install Screencastify?

0:012:591.1 Installing Screencastify – YouTubeYouTube

Where can I find Screencastify?

There are four ways that you can access the Screencastify Editor:

  1. Visit Screencastify Edit directly.
  2. Click "Open in Editor" on a recording's Video Management Page.
  3. Click "Open with Screencastify Video Editor" from Google Drive.
  4. Click "Launch in Editor" from the Screencastify Dashboard.

Is there a Screencastify app?

Goodbye, bulky software Whether it's our free Chrome extension or our easy-to-use web apps, Screencastify lives in your browser. Hooray!

Does Screencastify work on Chromebook?

Screencastify is compatible with Chromebooks and Chromeboxes. In fact, it was built specifically to function seamlessly given the particular constraints of a Chromebook.

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