Is redundancy a good or bad thing?

Can redundancy be a good thing?

Being made redundant without warning can be a truly stressful situation to be in – your confidence takes a hit, your future seems uncertain and you may be worried about your finances. Whilst you may be hurt, angry or scared about being made redundant, it can be a good thing!

What is positive about redundancy?

A positive psychology approach to redundancy Discover their strengths and be able to bring these out in their CV and in interview. Boost their resilience, so that they are able to bounce back from the adversity more quickly and more effectively. Create hope and set compelling goals to achieve.

Why is redundancy beneficial?

9. Use LinkedIn. This is one of the best tools to assist you in the process. Make sure you have at least six recommendations on LinkedIn.

Is it better to take voluntary or compulsory redundancy?

Voluntary redundancy packages typically offer more in terms of financial compensation to employees than compulsory redundancy. … A voluntary redundancy package will typically go over and above these limits to incentivise staff and increase interest in your offer.

Should I take voluntary redundancy or compulsory?

Typically, you'll receive more money if you take voluntary redundancy instead of compulsory redundancy. In order to make voluntary redundancy attractive to employees, they make the redundancy pay package larger than the statutory redundancy pay.

What are two advantages of redundant systems?

Redundant solutions are usually less expensive, easier to implement, and easier to manage. Note that replication, as part of a redundant solution, has numerous functions other than availability.

How do I deal with being made redundant?

Coping with redundancy during the pandemic

  1. Know your rights. If you are made redundant, it's important to know your rights.
  2. Take stock of how you're feeling. Losing a job is a huge adjustment and it's normal to experience a range of emotions.
  3. Manage your money.
  4. Coping with uncertainty.
  5. Keep busy, or take some time off.

How do you feel positive about redundancy?

There are some simple things you can do to maintain a positive outlook after your redundancy experience.

  1. Separate Yourself From Rejection.
  2. Assess Your Position.
  3. Career Change Support and Networking.
  4. After the Axe.
  5. What Tomorrow Holds.
  6. Don't Be Reactionary, Be Positive!


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