Is Pavel Durov religious?

Who is the real owner of Telegram?

Pavel Durov, the enigmatic Russian-born tech billionaire who has built his reputation on creating an unhackable messaging app, finds his own number on the list. Durov, 36, is the founder of Telegram, which claims to have more than half a billion users.

How does Pavel Durov become rich?

#112 Pavel Durov He founded Vkontakte when he was 22; in 2015 he sold a 12% stake in the social network for an estimated $300 million. In 2018 Pavel, with his brother Nikolai Durov, raised $1.7 billion from investors to create TON, a blockchain system based on Telegram.

How old is Durov?

37 years (October 10, 1984)
Pavel Durov/Age

How old is Durov Telegram?

Pavel Durov Height, Age, Wife, Family, Biography & More

Age (as of 2020) 36 Years
Birthplace Saint Petersburg, Russia
Zodiac sign Libra
Nationality Russian

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