Is it OK to wear shoes without insoles?

Is not wearing insoles bad?

Depending on your insert and why you are wearing them, inserts can either benefit or cause damage to your lower body. If you constantly wear inserts unexplainably, your foot muscles will become lazy and when the insoles are absent, your feet and legs will ache.

Can I remove insoles?

Most insoles do come out. If they do are not easily removable, they are likely glued down. In most cases you can remove them carefully by putting your fingers under the insole, wiggle them towards the front of the foot and gradually pulling them up.

Can your feet affect your hips?

A misalignment of the structures of the feet and ankles causes a ripple effect that travels up, through the leg, and into the hip and lower back. If the foot doesn't function properly, it can cause the other joints in the lower part of the body to overcompensate.

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