Is Impala a fault tolerance?

Does Impala map reduce?

Impala does not make use of Mapreduce as it contains its own pre-defined daemon process to run a job. It sits on top of only the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) as it uses the same to merely store the data. Therefore, we prefer calling it as simply “SQL on HDFS”

Does Impala use yarn?

Impala isn't however configured to use YARN by default and uses an internal scheduler to govern how concurrent queries run and use cluster resources, but it can be configured to use YARN in what Cloudera term “Integrated Resource Management” and our initial response was to recommend this approach; however YARN is …

Does Impala use Spark?

Means Impala usually use the same storage/data/partitioning/bucketing as Spark can use, and do not achieve any extra benefit from data structure comparing to Spark.

Is the Impala free?

Impala is available freely as open source under the Apache license. Impala supports in-memory data processing, i.e., it accesses/analyzes data that is stored on Hadoop data nodes without data movement. … Impala provides faster access for the data in HDFS when compared to other SQL engines.

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