Is Hector a Belmont?

What race is Hector Castlevania?

Can confirm, Hector is Greek." / Twitter.

Is Trevor Belmont Simon’s dad?

Born in 1067, Simon is the son of Trevor Belmont and Sypha Belmont. At the age of six, his parents were murdered by the forces of Dracula, Sypha to a pack of lycans and Trevor against Dracula in single combat. Simon was lucky to escape with his own life.

Are Richter and Simon related?

Richter is an echo fighter of Simon, which makes sense: Richter is a relative of Simon. He first starred in Castlevania: Rondo of Blood. He's also featured in Symphony of the Night, one of the most beloved Castlevania games. Simon has appeared in several Castlevania games, including the first entry in the series.

Where is Sypha Belnades from?

Sypha Belnades was a witch who harnessed the energy of spirits to command the power of the elements. Sypha grew up among witches in Wallachia.

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