Is GPU temp same as CPU temp?

What temp should my GPU and CPU be?

What are ideal & dangerous temps for you CPU and GPU?

Ideal No good
CPU (full load) <60°C 80-85°C
GPU (idle) <40°C 50°C-60°C
GPU (50% load) <55-60°C 65-70°C
GPU (full load) <65°C 80-95°C

Are CPUs hotter than GPU?

It's pretty normal for the CPU to run hotter than the GPU when playing games. 82C for the CPU is fine. A laptop cooler can be used to cooldown your laptop a bit.

Is 80 degrees Celsius hot for a GPU and CPU?

Modern laptops under gaming tend to run at 80–85C CPU temperature and around 70–75 C GPU temperature. 80C is the upper safe temperature limit. You can safely run your laptop at 80C. 85C is in the danger zone but still ok if you only hit that temperature under syntethic benchmarks.

Is GPU temp accurate?

Whereas in games, depending on what you are playing and what is going on the GPU might not be under 100% load all the time; it might fluctuate between 100% load for a while then drop down to 50%, then back up, etc. Bottom line: HWMonitor and MSI Afterburner should be perfectly accurate.

How hot should CPU and GPU get while gaming?

That said, the maximum safe temperatures remain the same. Generally speaking, the maximum safe temperature for the latest GPUs is around 100 degrees Celsius, but the average temperature should be 60-70 degrees under load.

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