Is English common in Iceland?

Do Icelanders speak good English?

English is almost universally spoken in Iceland, with many people very fluent as well, so tourists will have no problem conversing in English there. Icelanders learn English from a very early age and are exposed to English language film and TV a lot and so are very proficient at English.

Is English an official language in Iceland?

Although the Icelandic or Norse language prevails, northern trade routes brought German, English, Dutch, French and Basque to Iceland. … Icelandic is not only the national language, but is now “the official language in Iceland” by virtue of Act No 61/2011, adopted by parliament in 2011.

Do schools in Iceland speak English?

The basic principle of the language policy is that the written and spoken language of the University is Icelandic, whether in teaching, research or administration. Icelandic is therefore the default language for all work at the University and shall be used unless specific circumstances dictate otherwise.

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