Is Dove’s Wing Dovewing?

How did Dovewing lose her powers?

Bramblestar's Storm. Dovewing, along with Jayfeather and Lionblaze, lost her power after completing the prophecy. She's seen watching a group of cats discuss ShadowClan scents in their territory, unable to help like she used to. Her mate Bumblestripe presses his muzzle into her fur, asking if she's okay.

Who is Dovewing?

Dovewing is a sleek, pale gray she-cat with green eyes and a torn ear. Dovewing is a ShadowClan warrior under Tigerstar's leadership in the forest territories, previously a warrior of ThunderClan under Firestar's and Bramblestar's leaderships. Dovekit was born to Whitewing and Birchfall alongside her sister, Ivykit.

Did Dovewing and Bumblestripe have kits?

Eventually, Dovewing breaks up with Bumblestripe. … Though Dovewing leaves without him, Tigerheart later finds her with the guardian cats, where she gives birth to their kits.

Who are Ivypool’s kits?

Ivypool became mates with Fernsong, and the two had three kits, Bristlekit, Thriftkit, and Flipkit.

Did Bumblestripe like Dovewing?

Bumblestripe is a warrior of Thunderclan and the former love interest of Dovewing and current love interest for Rosepetal. He appeared in the famous book series: Warriors.

Who is the fourth cat in the prophecy?

Firestar Former ThunderClan leader Bluestar tells Jayfeather that the fourth cat in the prophecy is Firestar.


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