How do you spawn rare blue axolotl?

How do you get rare blue Axolotls in Minecraft?

Blue axolotls are the rarest type of axolotl in Minecraft. Like other axolotls, they do not spawn naturally. The only way to obtain blue axolotl is by breeding two axolotls. There is a 0.083% (1/1200) chance of spawning blue axolotl when two axolotls are bred.

Can you spawn a blue axolotl with a spawn egg?

These axolotl have no chance to spawn blue by using axolotl bucket/spawn egg.

How do you breed a blue axolotl?

To get two Axolotls to breed, you need to get them near each other, and feed each of them a Bucket of Tropical Fish to get them to enter "Love Mode". At this point they will breed with one another, producing a baby Axolotl. This is the same process by which you can breed many other animals, such as Foxes.

How do you spawn blue axolotl in Minecraft?

Minecraft: How to spawn blue axolotl with commands

  1. Allow cheats via the “Open to LAN” option in the pause menu.
  2. Click “Start LAN World,” then press the T key to open chat.
  3. Enter “/summon minecraft:axolotl ~ ~ ~ {Variant:4}” (without the quotation marks).
  4. Hit the Enter key to spawn a blue axolotl in Minecraft.

Jul 8, 2021

What is the rarest axolotl colour?

blue axolotl
The blue axolotl is by far the rarest colour and has a 0.083% chance of spawning, either naturally or via the breeding of adults with other colours.

How rare is a blue Axolotl in Minecraft?

1 in 1200
The probability of a blue axolotl spawning is 1 in 1200 because that is approximately the number of axolotls left in the wild in real life. Axolotls can eat only buckets of tropical fish and not tropical fish items because axolotls in real life eat only living fish.

How do you summon the Blue Axolotl bedrock edition?

1:173:00How to Spawn Blue Axolotl in Minecraft Bedrock Edition – YouTubeYouTube

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