How do you make a midsole?

What is a midsole made of?

Midsoles are typically made of ethyl vinyl acetate (EVA), which is the same material often used for orthotic topcovers, only firmer. In general, gray midsole EVA is firm and white EVA is soft. The firmer the midsole, the stiffer and heavier it will make the shoe.

What are outsoles made of?

Typically made of rubber, the outsole is the bottom of the shoe. The outsole provides traction and contributes to how soft or firm the shoe "rides" as well as its torsional rigidity and flexibility. Carbon Rubber – This durable rubber compound makes up the majority of running shoe outsoles.

How do I make my own arch support?

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What is a shoe midsole?

The midsole is the cushioned material (material, density, and thickness may vary) that is directly between your foot and outsole. The midsole provides cushioning and rebound and helps protect the foot from feeling hard or sharp objects.

What is sole material EVA?

An EVA sole, the abbreviation for ethylene-vinyl acetate, describes a sole construction with special shock-absorbing properties. It's a light and qualitative elastic material that provides premium cushioning and is known as the best shock-absorbing material on the market today.

What’s an EVA midsole?

An EVA midsole, made from ethylene vinyl acetate, helps to disperse weight and provide stability. This foam-like material is lightweight, flexible, and cushions the foot with each step.

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