How do you get Trillium ore?

Where can I find Trillium ore?

This object can be found in Dread Wastes (587), Kun-Lai Summit (503), Townlong Steppes (521), Vale of Eternal Blossoms (267), The Jade Forest (88), Valley of the Four Winds (65), Timeless Isle (38), and Shado-Pan Monastery (3).

Where do I farm black and white trillium ore?

Comment by 886623. Mining Trillium Vein and Rich Trillium Vein provide either Black Trillium Ore or White Trillium Ore, they are a rare spawn, normally spawn in ghost iron node locations in the same zone. Looking closely at the node you can see a black and white swirl symbol on it.

How do you get Trillium bars?

The two ways to get trillium bars are from transmutations or smelting. You can get 1 trillium in exchange for 10 Ghost iron bars or 2 White and 2 Black Trillium Bars. These mats can be bought with spirits of harmony.

How do I get the white trillium ore?

This ore can be obtained directly via two methods:

  1. These can be mined from two, rare-node-spawns: Trillium Vein or Rich Trillium Vein.
  2. If you are Revered with The Tillers, plant Snakeroot Seed for random chances at obtaining either type of Trillium Ore per plant.

How do I get spirit of harmony?

Motes of Harmony can be found as a random drop or can be obtained once Revered with the Tillers by planting a Songbell Seed, which when ripe rewards a mote. Spirit of Harmony can be used by Alchemist to purchase extra transmute and Jewelcrafter to purchase extra daily discoveries.

Where do I get ghost iron bolts?

Its the corner building with the auction house in it. The LW building is to the left, and the mining building is to the right of the "LIKE CLOCKWORK" building.

Where is the mining trainer in Pandaria?

The Horde Pandaria Mining trainer, Stonebreaker Ruian, is located in Honeydew village in The Jade Forest, at the coordinates 27.82, 14.83. Stonebreaker Ruian will only teach Horde players Pandaria Mining skills.

How do you get the Golden Lotus?

after the release of 5.1 I happened to find this also taking other herbs. For example, I took the Green Tea Leaf Green Tea Leaf and together with there was one golden lotus. Before the 5.1 I was not successful.

What do motes of harmony do?

[Spirit of Harmony], which is a crafting ingredient that is also used as a currency to buy advanced level 90 PvP patterns. As an ingredient, it will automatically will go in any enchanting bag, herb bag, inscription bag, or leatherworking bag that may be equipped.

How do I get mining Pandaren?

How to Get the Ancient Pandaren Mining Pick. The Ancient Pandaren Mining Pick can be found in the cave at the Greenstone Quarry. The entrance is at the coordinates 46.01, 29.06 in The Jade Forest. The Ancient Pandaren Mining Pick will spawn at random spots throughout the cave, embedded in the rocks.

What is the Golden Lotus?

The Golden Lotus are a mysterious society of pandaren who are guardians of the Vale of Eternal Blossoms.

What does Golden Lotus Potion do?

Known for its healing properties, golden lotus has been rumored to be able to mend broken bones, heal scars and even unnaturally extend the life of those who drink it.

How do I get motes of harmony?

A really good place to farm motes of harmony is just east of the pools of purity in vale of the four winds. The turtles there ~87 have very little health and are easily killed in massive pulls by a 90. They re-spawn extremely fast, and you can also skin them if you've got skinning.

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