How do you get a heavy stone?

Where can I get heavy stone?

You can get Heavy Stone from Iron Deposits. A couple good places to mine Iron is Western Plaguelands, Feralas and I like Arathi Highlands as well. If you're leveling JC I suggest keeping your Heavy Stone for they will come in handy and get you up to skill level 130.

What is a heavy stone?

adj , heavier, heaviest 1 of comparatively great weight. a heavy stone. 2 having a relatively high density.

How do you lift heavy stone blocks?

Tips for Hauling Heavy Stones, Blocks, or Slabs

  1. Get Yourself a Dolly. One of the easiest ways to haul heavy objects is to use a dolly.
  2. Use Rollers or Skates. Many people get creative when moving and use a roller system with PVC or metal pipes to roll along the ground.
  3. Walk the Concrete Slab.
  4. Flip or Roll the Heavy Stone.

How do you move heavy stones by hand?

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  1. Pry it. With a scrap piece of 6×6 or a small, flat-sided rock as a fulcrum, a 4-foot pry bar can roll or push a big stone little by little over level terrain—as long as your arms and patience hold out.
  2. Roll it.
  3. Pull it.

How do you lift heavy rocks by hand?

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How do you farm iron ore?

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