How do you become a werewolf in Sotn?

How do you become a wolf in Sotn?

Press the "Wolf" button on your controller to transform into a wolf once you obtain the "Soul of Wolf." Perform a "Wolf Charge" attack by pressing the directional pad on the controller in a down to forward motion.

Is Alexander Anderson dead?

Alucard then charges Anderson and, plunging his hand into Anderson's chest, removes the nail along with Anderson's heart. This destroys most of Anderson's body in the process. As Anderson dies, he and Alucard exchange words as what remains of him decays and turns to ash.

Is Symphony of the Night on switch?

More videos on YouTube Originally released in 1997 on the Sony PlayStation and later ported to the Sega Saturn, SotN has since found its way onto the PSP, PS4 and (annoyingly) smartphones, but a Switch version remains frustratingly out of reach.

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