How do I use hive online?

How does hive online work?

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How do I open hive on my browser?

In order to access the Hive Web Interface, go to <Hive Server Address>:9999/hwi on your web browser.

How do I open hive database?

Go to Hive shell by giving the command sudo hive and enter the command 'create database<data base name>' to create the new database in the Hive. To list out the databases in Hive warehouse, enter the command 'show databases'. The database creates in a default location of the Hive warehouse.

What is bucketing in hive?

Bucketing in hive is the concept of breaking data down into ranges, which are known as buckets, to give extra structure to the data so it may be used for more efficient queries. The range for a bucket is determined by the hash value of one or more columns in the dataset (or Hive metastore table).

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