How do I run a Hql script?

How do I run a HQL?

How to Run Hive Scripts?

  1. Step 1: Writing a Hive script. To write the Hive Script the file should be saved with . sql extension.
  2. Step 2: Running the Hive Script. The following is the command to run the Hive script: Command: hive –f /home/cloudera/sample.sql.

May 22, 2019

How do I run a Hql script in Beeline?

The -i parameter starts Beeline and runs the statements in the query. hql file….Run a HiveQL file.

Statement Description
INSERT OVERWRITE … SELECT Selects rows from the log4jLogs table that contain [ERROR], then inserts the data into the errorLogs table.

•Jan 27, 2021

How do I run the hive shell?

Launch PuTTY

  1. start Hive Shell and wait for a successful start.
  2. open the result of the command.
  3. copy session name Hive Shell.
  4. launch PuTTY, open the previously saved Hive Shell profile and, using the right mouse button, insert the saved session name as the user name and hit Enter.
  5. that's it! Pretty simple, isn't it?

How do I run a Hql file in spark SQL?

How to Execute Hive Sql File in Spark Engine?

  1. $ cat /app/hadoop/workspace/horf/hql_in_spark.hql.
  2. Now Enter this Launch Command in your shell:

What is hive in spark?

Usage: – Hive is a distributed data warehouse platform which can store the data in form of tables like relational databases whereas Spark is an analytical platform which is used to perform complex data analytics on big data.

How do I run a Hive server?

Start HiverServer2 In Order to run it as a service run the same command as nohup $HIVE_HOME/bin/hiveserver2 & . This creates a nohup. out file that contains the log. You can also start Hive server HS2 (HiveServer2) using hive –service command.

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