How do I pair my hive hub?

Why is my Hive Hub flashing white?

A table or shelf in a central location in your home is the best place. The light on top of your hub will start flashing white, please don't disconnect as this may take a few minutes.

How do I connect my Hive Hub to the app?

Log in to the app or website and enter the Hub ID (this is found on the underside of the hub). Click “Go” and your hub will begin to search for devices. Follow the on-screen instructions to add your devices.

How long does it take for hive hub to connect?

The flashing green start up sequence can take anything between 10-30 minutes, so please do not disconnect the hub during this time. Once the hub has a solid green light at the top, with a flashing yellow light below, it is ready to pair with other devices.

How do I connect my hive thermostat to my phone?

Press and hold the buttons on the thermostat. Go to install a device, add another device and go. The status light on the receiver should go green after all the devices link.

Is my hive Hub wireless?

Our newest hub, Hive Hub 360 connects via Wi-Fi, our other hubs need to be physically connected to your broadband router using a network cable (provided with the hub) to allow you to control your Hive products remotely.

How do I connect my Hive thermostat to Wi-Fi?

Hold the central heating button down on the receiver until the status light is flashing pink. Release the button and then hold it again until the status light is double flashing amber. In order to connect the receiver to the hub, you will need put the hub into pairing mode.

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