How do I enable EDID emulation?

What is EDID emulation?

EDID Emulation is a feature of many Extron DVI and HDMI products, including switchers, distribution amplifiers, and matrix switchers. It maintains constant EDID communication with source devices by providing pre-stored EDID information for various signal resolutions.

What are EDID settings?

Extended Display Identification Data (EDID) is a metadata standard that lets display devices like monitors, televisions, and projectors communicate their capabilities to the video source. When using HDMI, the EDID from your television tells the video source what the dimensions of the screen are.

How do I save my monitor EDID?

At the EDID Source property, click Monitor. The Manage EDID dialog page opens to the Export tab. Select the display containing the EDID you want to save, then click Export EDID to open the Save file dialog box where you can save the EDID information in a file. Click OK when finished.

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